Our Mission

MITUL provides leadership and organizational development services to teacher union locals by engaging in a multi-year consulting relationship with the locals and providing a cohort experience for a group of “critical friend” locals. MITUL contracts with interested teacher union locals to engage in a process of self-analysis, leadership development and capacity building. We ask for a commitment to the consultation and cohort process from a defined leadership team in the local.

MITUL also engages in broad communication, education and advocacy around the role of teacher unions in defining and leading public education reform. We seek to continually build and deepen a progressive vision and analysis for teacher unions, opinion leaders, policy-makers and advocacy organizations. We engage with our colleagues at the NEA, the AFT, TURN, and with public education advocates nationally.

An Expanded Vision, Not a Different Vision

It is our belief that “professional” unionism and “bread-and-butter” unionism are not mutually exclusive. Our ability to defend hard won gains will be increased if our own members and the public at large understand our commitment to improving the quality of teaching and learning; and conversely, our strength and credibility are weakened if we are perceived as focusing only on traditional employment concerns. Now, more than ever, progressive teacher union leadership is needed if the teacher union movement is going to survive. 

This vision of progressive unionism, with its focus on improving teaching and learning, grows out of the larger global history of unionism and the struggle to improve public education in a democratic society.  Within this broader context and expanded notion of what teacher unions strive for, participants in MITUL can envision for themselves an important role as change agents in their unions and school districts. The Institute aims to help us all expand our vision of what teacher unions strive for.

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