The Tom Mooney Institute

The Tom Mooney Institute for Teacher and Union Leadership is an effort by seasoned local leaders within the teacher union movement to develop the leadership skills and organizational capacity of the next generation of reform minded teacher unionists. We promote a progressive vision of the role of the teachers’ union. Our goal is to help local union leaders to be bold, collaborative, creative advocates for the improvement of public education.

MITUL Commentary in Education Week

A special commentary piece by Mark Simon and Naomi Baden about Tom Mooney's legacy and the need for progressive unionism in the teacher's union movement appeared in the January 30, 2008 issue of Education Week.

MITUL on the Cover of Ed Week

The Mooney Institute was the main focus of an Education Week cover story.

Waiting to Be Won Over: Teachers Speak on the Profession, Unions, and Reform

On May 7 Ed Sector released the results of a study of teacher attitudes toward their unions, their profession and education reform gleaned from a survey of 1,010 teachers and focus groups. The conclusions:  Read more

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