Teacher and Principal Turnover

In districts with mayoral control or superintendents who have graduated from the Broad Academy the reform agendas being pursued have begun to look startelingly similar. Schools and teachers are labeled "failing" based primarily on student test scores. The schools are closed. The teachers lose their jobs. The result is calculated disruption and teacher and principal turnover. The culture of fear and gaming the tests is ubiquitous. Now there is a growing research base saying that this churn itself is hurting student achievement. Overall, student outcomes are unimpressive after 12 years of NCLB and test driven reform. The one clear result is disruption, churn, and a growing privatized alternative. We need to understand better the impact of churn because in cities like Washington DC, the chances that a school will open with a new principal is 25%, and 50% of teachers only last two years. It is virtually impossible to create a professional culture in schools with that kind of turnover.