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What's Really At Stake In Chicago Teachers Strike

Elaine WeissElaine WeissA Column on the Huffington Post today by Elaine Weiss breakes through the uniform media stupidity and unified opposition from the nation's political class to clarify what the Chicago teachers strike is really about. She points out that by going on strike, Chicago teachers are "taking one for the kids." The issues are ones of serious disagreement over the vision of education reform. The teachers and overwhleming majorities of parents and the broad public take a "broader, bolder approach."

Marc Tucker Clears The Air With an Insightful Piece On Teacher Unions

Marc TuckerMarc TuckerMarc Tucker's overview of what's wrong with the current fashion of all-out war on teacher unions in the just released Winter 2012 issue of Education Next is worth circulating. While he paints with a bit of a broad brush characterizing what unions have fought for, assuming that there are no union locals focused on the quality of teaching and learning or locals taking a collaborative road at present, his reasoning for why politicians and district administrators have to refrain from attacking unions if they want teachers on-board with education reform is spot on. His warning to US policy makers that they have to learn from those heavily unionized nations who are now out-performing us is just common sense.

Kahlenberg Responds to Kristoff on Teacher Unions

Richard KahlenbergRichard KahlenbergThe frequency and ferocity of attacks on teacher unions has increased, as if orchestrated as a national campaign by pundits and a network of conservative think tanks. Richard Kahlenberg responded eloquently today to the irrational piling on by the enemies of teacher unions.

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