Teacher Evaluation

What's the Alternative to Test Driven Teacher Evaluation?

Stan KarpStan KarpIn fact, we have successful models for what great, collaborative teacher evaluation looks like, but the feds and the philanthropists have asiduously avoided looking at them. Rethinking Schools journalist, Stan Karp just published an insightful piece about a long-standing model in Montgomery County Maryland, and what makes it very different from the approach now in fashion and being pushed by the corporate reformers.

Fixing Teacher Tenure and Evaluation

Fixing TenureFixing TenureIndependent researcher Joan Snowden, today issued a report, Fixing Tenure, that debunks popular myths on tenure, while calling for making tenure more meaningful and rigorous. The same report offers a critique and guidance for what teacher evaluation systems need to look like to be effective. Snowden specifically takes on the issue of inappropriate uses of student test scores in teacher evaluation and specifically what is wrong with tieing teacher evaluation to student test score outcomes.

Teacher Evaluation -- Lake Wobegon?

Teacher Evaluation to Raise Teacher QualityTeacher Evaluation to Raise Teacher QualityThe Center of American Progress issued today a new study on teacher evaluation So Long, Lake Wobegon? by University of Connecticut professor Morgaen Donaldson. While presenting evidence that most teacher evaluation systems add little value to the quality of teaching Donaldson offers a clear roadmap for what good teacher evaluation systems need to do. The system needs to have credibility with teachers, use multiple evaluators and measures, offer professional development, provide accountability for evaluators, and needs to be i

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