Diane Ravitch

Ravitch's Book Stimulates Symposium at New Republic Online

Richard RothsteinRichard RothsteinIf nothing else, The Death and Life of the Great American School System has stimulated the best debate since NCLB entered our lexicon empowering its advocates to silence alternative, and often better informed points of view. The New Republic Online this week includes a lively debate and further consideration of the critique that Ravitch propounds. Richard Rothstein offers his perspective on the Ravitch critique, pointing out that the facts haven't really changed so much as several of the former proponents of the NCLB approach having focused on them. Ravitch is one among several to have changed their mind about charter schools and test-based accountability.

The Death and Life of the Great American School System

Diane RavitchDiane RavitchIt seems Diane Revitch is everywhere these days. Her new book is on its fifth printing just 16 days after its release, and when I last checked, Amazon had sold out again. Asked why, Diane answered that it is because the book offers a "counter narrative" to the consensus that has so dominated policy in Washington -- a policy consensus with little research basis and little in the experience of teachers, parents and students to support it.  The public is clamoring for an alternative narrative. If you have trouble getting hold of a copy of the book, Slate Magazine last week printed a nifty summary here. Very convenient. And here's an interview with Ravitch from her Economic Policy Institute book event.

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