IEA Engages in Collaborative Endgame Behind Statewide Changes in Teacher Evaluation, Tenure and Teacher Quality Procedures

Audrey SoglinAudrey SoglinAt an event in Washington Thursday at the Center for American Progress, IEA Executive Director, Audrey Soglin and representatives from the State Board of Education and State Legislature described the five month process of intense collaboration that led to Senate Bill 7. The result is big changes in teacher tenure, evaluation, and dismissal procedures. The event revealed details like an agreement not to use current state standardized test scores as measures of student achievement, and a recognition that snap judgement of teacher quality are unreliable. Its a unique picture of the hard work involved and an interesting result under very difficult political circumstances.

Meanwhile, a video clip has been circulating the blogisphere showing "Stand for Children" head Jonah Edelman bragging to an audience at the Aspen Institute's Ideas Conference about how he and his organization outmaneuvered and outspent the unions, taking credit for SB7. Edelman's display of arrogance also reveals the true purpose of his organization as a front for monied interests trying to counter the political and financial power of unions. It is worth watching as an object lesson in what posers and "reformer" opportunists look like. Stand for Children here is revealed as being more interested in taking down the unions than in anything having to do with what's in the best interest of children.

By contrast, Soglin clearly represents not only the vast knowledge, and expertise necessary to get reforms right, but displays a long track record of being motivated by what's best for kids. The contrast between the two clips is revealing. The full CAP event is here.