Could the Past Decade of Test-Based Accountability be a Fraud?

TestingTestingAccording to an article in Ed Week today, a new report by the National Accademy of Sciences looked at the real academic gains after a decade of NCLB and other test-based accountability requirements and found the gains to be slight or non-existant. The report, titled "Incentives and Test-Based Accountability in Education," co-published with NAS by the Board on Testing and Assessment(BOTA) and Behavioral Social Sciences and Education (BSSE) was authored by a committee of 17. The research and assessment luminaries who authored the report explain what standardized tests are useful for, what they should not be used for and why the strategies underlying the reform movement being promoted so assiduously by the federal government and large corportate philanthropies ReportReport

didn't work, and won't work. The book/report, is now available for pre-publication purchase from NAS. It's about time that the accountability movement be held accountable for its stunning lack of success over more than a decade.