Constrict Collective Bargaining? Quite the Opposite, It Needs to Be Expanded

Richard KahlenbergRichard KahlenbergEducation Author Richard Kahlenberg argues in today's Wahington Post that Republican attacks on public sector collective bargaining were aided and abetted by democrats like Michelle Rhee and Barak Obama. Both unfairly and illogically painted teachers and their unions as the problem, eschewing collaborative approaches to school improvement. Although the recent US Department of Education convening on union/management collaboration might be perhaps a hopeful tilt in a better direction. 

Kahlenberg further argues that restricting collective bargaining to pay and benefits is a trap that will imply to the world that teachers and others are just self-serving.  When it comes to teachers, the opposite is the case. Unions need to capitalize on the truth that the real agenda of teachers is also what is in the best interest of students.