The Myth of Charter Schools

Teachers and defenders of public education are reeling this month from the unprecedented attack on their profession, their unions and on the very existance of public schools. Diane Ravitch reviews the film Waiting for Diane RavitchDiane RavitchSuperman in The New York Review of Books. She details the blatant inaccuracies in the film but more importantly, places the film in its context as "the most important public relations coup that the critics of public education have made so far." Ravitch warns liberals who are being seduced by the film, "There is a clash of ideas occurring in education right now... Waiting for Superman is a powerful weapon on behalf of those championing the "free market" and privatization." Barbara Miner completes the backstory in her investigation of the sources of funding for the film with The Ultimate Superpower -- Supersized dollars drive Waiting for Superman agenda on the Not Waiting for Superman Web Site. These two thoughtful pieces help us understand the forces behind the film.