Coalition of Civil Rights Groups Calls For Changes in Obama Education Agenda

CampaignCampaignAlthough the press conference announcing the report was postponed, a coalition of the leading civil rights organizations released today a 17 page critique of the Obama administration approach to education. The report is called "The Opportunity to Learn Campaign."  It critiques charter schools and school closures as strategies, competititve grants like the "Race to the Top," and the draft re-authorization of NCLB.  The report asks the Obama administration to move back from unproven remedies for which there is little supporting research, to a re-commitment to what we know works -- early childhood education, wrap-around services, etc.  According the Ed Week article today, the Civil Rights groups seem to echo many of the assumptions of the Broader Bolder Approach to Education, which may fuel a re-birth of the Broader Bolder Approach group this Fall.  Meanwhile, Washington Post columnist Valarie Strauss was more blunt in her column today, pointing out that the report, though polite, "skewers" the Obama approach and everything the Duncan Administration has been doing.