Two Types of Superintendents -- Why the focus on the quality of teaching and learning is disappearing in so many districts

Diane RavitchDiane RavitchIn a new Post on her Ed Week Blog, Diane Ravitch describes the two distinct types of school superintendents. Its a thought provoking piece.  Ravitch also takes the editors and reporters at the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, and Education Week, to task as flat out wrong about what Randi Weingarten said in her speech, says Education commentator Diane Ravitch on the Huffington Post last month. We agree with Ravitch in both of these posts. The import of the speech, one that contained serious and groundbreaking proposals, was distorted by editors and even reporters who seem strangely locked into paradigms that prevent them from recognizing common sense when the source is a teacher union president.

Ravitch's new book, The Death and LIfe of the Great American School System is a must read. Click to order.