Randi Weingarten Proposes Union's Path to Reform

Randi WeingartenRandi WeingartenIn a comprehensive speech at the National Press Club today entitled "A New Path forward," AFT President Randi Weingarten offered a new approach to reform designed to replace the conflict ridden approach of the past decade. The plan provides 1. a template for teacher evaluation, standards and learning outcomes, 2. a new approach to due process, 3. commitment to providing the conditions teachers need to be successful, and 4. labor/managment relationships based on trust and respect. Although the Education Week article today mischaracterized the speech as being about "due process" and getting rid of bad teachers, the speech in fact was the opposite, a demand that the issues of teacher evaluation, standards, due process, the conditions of teaching, trust and respect be inextricably linked. The whole approach, if properly understood, could be a breakthrough.