Kahlenberg Responds to Kristoff on Teacher Unions

Richard KahlenbergRichard KahlenbergThe frequency and ferocity of attacks on teacher unions has increased, as if orchestrated as a national campaign by pundits and a network of conservative think tanks. Richard Kahlenberg responded eloquently today to the irrational piling on by the enemies of teacher unions. Although it was a specific response to Nicolas Kristof, who devoted his New York Times column today to trashing unions, he might have also been responding to Richard Whitmire and Andy Rotherham who penned an attack in the Wall Street Journal October 1. Whitmire echoed the same inaccurate script on unions in his fawning piece in the Washington Post yesterday praising Michelle Rhee, TFA and Kipp. The themes are in each case the same: ignoring the real causes and problems in public education, the authors pay no attention to research but lay the blame for poor teacher quality, inadequate student achievement, and everything else at the door of unions. The very existance of teacher unions is presented as a problem. Richard Kahlenberg's response is worth circulating.