Broader, Bolder Approach Report on Accountability

Broader, Bolder ApproachBroader, Bolder ApproachThe Broader, Bolder Approach coalition formed a year ago, today issued its first task force report. The subject?  School Accountability -- A Broader, Bolder Approach. Or as most understood it to mean... what we and the public need to replace NCLB? The diverse coalition that included undersecretaries of education from the Clinton and both Bush administrations, representatives from the NEA and AFT, and individuals leading a broad aray of education advocacy groups came together around a bold new direction. The report calls for use of an expanded version of the NAEP tests for federal accountability coupled with a system of intensive school inspections, undertaaken by the states, that capture the subtleties of school climate and the quality of instruction in a qualitative assesment of schools. Leaders of the group, Tom Paysant, Christopher Cross, and Richard Rothstein met last week with Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, with an advance copy of the report. Duncan had been a signer of the Broader, Bolder Approach coalition manifesto a year ago.