Brad Jupp Joins Arne Duncan's Team

When the Denver teachers' union developed its infamous Pro Comp pay for performance system a decade ago, the union's point person was a smart union leader named Brad Jupp. The detail person who led the design team and sold the plan to the administration and to teachers, Brad then had a falling out with the union. He went to work as special assistant to the new, young superintendent in Denver, Michael Bennett, where's he's been for the past five years. Wherever he's been, Brad has been a truth teller and hard to peg gadfly -- irreverant, smart, well read, with a quick wit that never stops.  This month Arne Duncan tapped Brad, making him the second teacher and former union leader to join the administration, shoring up an otherwise weak bench in terms of school system experience. He started work May 11th as special assistant to the secretary. Brad joins Jo Anderson, the first appointee with real school system and union experience who's special role is to serve as the link to the two national teacher unions. We'll look forward to a bit of teacher perspective from these two within Obama's Education Department.